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What’s going to ruin transport to here and welcome back to the Need for Speed No Limits. Now it’s the longest time I’ve ever posted like any, um, Tutorial for like this game now that we have underground rivals to be able to use, we’ll have to use all mostly all of our cars to pretty much rank up, not just like one of your cars, just to max it out and then go for the top drawer, the top spot in underground Rattlers. Now they it’s giving us use all of our cars in our garage, which means that we’ll have to tune and customize. And max out most of our cars that once most of what all of our cars were pretty much, um, in the game, which means that we’ll have to hunt for blueprints, which means we’ll have to hunt for parts now, hunting for parts.

I’ve already mentioned that there’s another tutorial that I have in other trails. I will link that out to you in the comments section, but as far as blueprints to go, there are different ways of which I’ve mentioned now, getting proof points, first of which is going to be loading docks. And possibly getting a premium credit or the common trait in this case, premium crate will give me a blueprint for Carlos anyway, but that’s one thing. And then there’s a common Creek, which is blueprints and parts for your car, but say you want to level up faster or not rely on chance there’s black as the black market. Which Marcus King holds, but you’ll take them down later if you’ve, um, yeah, 5,000 for that, you can buy that out. You can buy out cars that you don’t have that cost a lot, or you can just do that level up.

Your is here and every 24 hours, the black market updates. So that’s that. Or if you have the scrap, where’s the gold, if you have for gold for black market, but if you have the scrap. You go here. This is the chop shop. Now in the chop shop, you will find the parts for your cars and pretty much any class up to legendary in terms of blueprints for your cars. You can get them all here and they’ve updated it. So includes more premium cross, like the Nissan three 70 Zed Mustang boss. We have to charge our RT stuff like that. If you go to hyper, they have the super sports. They had sports. Now have, um, the SLK, the JAG, the Lotus, the Maza, and five S exports. They have the Lancer, the money DSX did Sylvia, if you have enough scrap. So if you have enough scrap, you can pretty much buy any car you want. So in this case, I’m going to get me a one ESX that’s explored sandwiches.

Now, how do you get scrapped?

Well, good question. To get scrapped. You salvage any parts you have in here and then want to solve, is that yet? Cause I kind of want to keep that. So in this case, say you want to salvage anything in here. You can gain scrap by selling off some of your parts. I’m not going to do that cause I might need those later. The more rare the part. The bigger, the scrap. Now, as I said before, you can also get parts via scrap. So in this case say, I want, well, how, how many starts?

What happened at one in ESX two? Right? Say I want to star when I met some at two starts here. So if I do that, how much crap do I have left one 20. Let’s keep going. So say I want to lose. That’s scrap is cool because if you get higher parts, you collect the deficit, you could scrap the old part cause you don’t need those. Really. The only, the only way to cargo is up. So top shot is pretty much the go to place for quickly leveling up. Your car, because it has most of the cars that you need here for progressing through the campaign or even doing well. And we’re underground rebels. So that’s basically where Topshop is for. It has a houses, all the parts, most of the parts that you need, um, for blueprints wise, for 11 up your car or parts wise for this magazine, that your car in case you have like something from street to muscle, for a sports to hyper, it goes legendary.

Um, but from then on, you have to do some extra stuff, other incarcerates or tuna trials to get up to black condition. But for the most part for cars, it’s, you’re missing cars that you need going to Trump shop. If you have enough scrap, you can get all the parts, all the blueprint that you need for the car, but mind you, you need lots of scrap it’s is a definite.

If you want more tutorials, please comment below and I will see you next time.

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