The singular best mobile racing game. There’s a lot of choice. There’s a lot of solely the titles throw me one can be my favorite, no limits. We’ve played a couple times before I have been waiting for this moment. You know, limits has these really cool events that allows you to unlock certain cars, which I didn’t do. Instead. I took the chance of buying this car ready to be built. I’ve bought, I’ve had this. For the longest time I spent my money on it, just so I could support the developers. Here we come. Three GTR with no design on it. Obviously I have got the standard end for you. Say, I imagine I can pay for delivery and I’ve won lots of the blacklisted series.

Which is perfect. I can now do that permanently because I have the car to me. Now I’m playing this on a mobile emulator, as you can see I’m going around with a mouse. Oh, I can stage it already. We’re going to make the best in the three sheets you’ve ever seen. Now, as I was saying a little bit earlier, unfortunately, the developer is facing some hard times, which is unfortunate because it, again, in my opinion, this is one of my. Ooh, I’ve got them through GTR paints. What paints wheels scheme has been out longer than Nissan, 2015, and it would be a massive shame. So I was literally planning to make this video for the longest time. And then they go, yeah, we’re just talking about cars and now I’ve got raps. Which, which wraps do we have a, I need to try and find the MTG sit-com mastery.

I can’t get it. Ah, so there was actually a bunch of different all. There you go. These are the, these are the ones. Unfortunately, I can’t actually get that livery, which is rather, unfortunately we can actually change our we’re changing the color of the wheels. My see, I’m going to keep it as is. Thank you very much. Change brake calipers. There’s not many modifications because of this copy because it is the three GTI. If you want the money. Get out and you can also remove the spoiler because anyone would actually want to do that. Open my free crates. I’m trying to get the Misson on skyline as well. And something I don’t have yet. They are 34 GT. There we go. Add that to me. Yeah. To me. But so the skyline blueprints, I think I’ve got some, I haven’t got all of them. I’ve actually genuinely been playing this game a lot recently when I’m sorry, airports, when I’m on. Public transport basically, or I’m out and about. And I’ve just got some time, you know, I’ve got some time now these are the events available.

Will this give us delivery? I just want to jump in and give it a go.

Anyway. Now I am going to play be playing this with a mouse. This may be the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. I wanted to use my phone. Yes, but capturing my phone is very difficult. If so let’s say that’s not my cup capturing on a phone. It also looks better on a phone. Doesn’t really work so well because I’ve got a pixel three and it doesn’t like me to do that. So let’s. Rip off to the three and get it going. Every three, Judy y’all baby. Let’s go Need for Speed No limits. What are these textures? I don’t know what’s going on. I do. I try to play with it.

This is a special you’re going to get.

I’m sorry. I apologize. And the reason I like mode limits as a mobile game, it’s short. It’s quick. It’s simple. Everybody knows if you’re out and about you, haven’t got enough time to be doing three, four minute events. Let me show you. You might, you might do. And, and I wish that there were some of those, but if I’m totally honest, most of the time I want these quick racists, I like how snappy they are, but the environments are fantastic on some of these. And I kind of wish they were a little bit more option to have longer events if, and when you want. But there we go and have a look. I swear, I’ve already, I’ve been leveled 20 to four. Give me some money. That’s complete makes us a time trap. I’m going to complete all these in two minutes. That’s the only thing with it’s being social.

This was some similar pumps. Got the keys back to one day, one day I will build this right by. I say me building it. I mean, me paying for it to be built. I didn’t build it. Are you crazy? I’ll buy the one that’s already been made. It’s all right, I’ll get it done. Time trial, but let’s get the boost go in in this single texture looking road. It looks such, such so good on mobile and I feel bad for representing it in this light. I promise this is the best mobile game ever, but until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it. Look at the texture in the sky. That is the best teacher I’ve ever seen in my life. I do hope that fire monkeys will be around still to support this game and just keep it going. Because again, it was really an IME that EA is kind of gone and closed. I think it was half of the fire monkey staff, which is just. They were making another real racing game, which could have been, it could have been on this list. I was planning to meet this video and obviously that news gave me the push to be like, woo, yay.

I’m a game changer

And I’m a game changer telling you to keep doing, keep doing what you’re doing is I like it. Please. Don’t don’t stop it. I will single handedly fund this, make them a free GTR. Again, give me delivery, literally charged me under powers. I will buy that leverage just to keep firing monkeys or I will, I will, for that purpose alone and I’m racing. Why did I see this thing there? That was really weird, but the Mustang is not even involved in this race whatsoever. Oh, he is currently. I’m actually currently I’m actually buying all the frame rate. Actually doesn’t look as bad on the, uh, The actual stream machine PC over do a PC South. Now I’m playing on one PC.

You’re watching it recorded from another. Okay. Frame rate is dying. Boom, ms. Go, I’ll take you out. Mama said, knock you out. Mama said just beat him in no matter, no matter what. Okay, get it done. Get it sorted. Perfect. I actually might need to talk with what I’m getting loads of rep from doing these. Give me some more money, even though I really don’t need it. I’ve got a million I’ll complete event. Number three, I’m begging give me the livery. Please give me the delivery. I’ll be solely disappointed. Supercharged Sean maitre. Let’s get it on Elsa house, a different type of, a bunch of different types of events. Which is, again, something that I’m asking you for a meat main, the main franchise of this is the main series as well. And they get it’s a slide is kind of different. You have to like slide down. This would be so much easier if I just bought a tablet book. No, I’m a cheap man, but cheese. And I thought, yes, I’ll just emulate it because I don’t want to go out and buy a tablet to play one mobile game. Give me the boost, cross the line for seconds.

I didn’t even need the grit. Third grade at the beginning helps me out so much. To the point. I don’t need it level 20. Hey, your pay your pay. Yup. It’s time for the final event, which does require me, is this the final event? I don’t know. I think this might just be chapter one to five. Right? I have to get this thing to 580 something. I think it was, I do probably have some parts that I can install, so I shall do that now. Okay. Well that, that does me a job, a garden. So let’s, let’s go with that. Shall we? Perfect gearbox upgrade as well? I think I actually have. A decent amount of stuff in here. I could also scrap the old parts, but Hey, I want to keep them for, for memory sake. I just have majority of the stuff that I need. I think I’m ready. Boy, you want that? Erase that, that mod your dog. Let’s go to get it on nail. Those jumps I’m on. That is a very short event. I’m already at 60%, 70%, some of these ridiculous really short that’s the finish already and across cross the line in the new, I could have done that in the other that you forced him.

It’s all grades. So I spend my money on share disgusting steam used to use scanner. It’s going to scan my ECU to meet. Tell me if my car’s going to blow up chapter complete chapter reward. 10 gold. Wow. Wow. Thanks. Okay. Chapter two. When do I get to the end of this? You may actually remember. This is the author of five that we made on the video quite a while ago. And this was a glimpse at the modifications that were going to be happening on 2015. This came out before 2015. It came out in Australia first, which. I actually forgot why it was making them certainly if it was made in Australia. So that’s why we do have a lot of cars that we have yet to bill, as you can see, the thing is I want to save it for the article for the most part, what I’ve got raises Mustang. Since, when did I get racist Mustang? It’s a lot of cars in here as well. I’ve just not got, it’s just, there’s a ridiculous amount. I honestly think there’s more cars here than there is in the base games of the Niffler spit, except there’s more Supercars and less tuners, which then again, they’ve got a Fiesta Resty, I’d say that’s pretty freaking cool for the sake of the video. We should customize this absolute beauty and convert it completely stunning with the hood. So we have. And a lot of nice options, which we can slip on through. Now. I think you unlock these by actually doing the races as well. Uh, Oh wait, unlock stage four. So you need to upgrade the car over time, but I think I can actually just cheat.

Yeah. I can cheat and upgrade them.

I’m a big Wang man. Woo, woo. I’m definitely gonna put. Well, actually, I’m going to make this thing, my stupid skyline because of the fact that I want to make my end probably super clean. Okay. I want to make mine McClean boy, here we go. Apply that Wang and for the wheels or weight kit setups, there’s full body kits. And I should probably have looked at the body kits first. That would have been probably wide, properly wise. We’ve got a lot of buddy kits on here, a lot more options and even Need for Speed 2015 and 20. Payback. It’s a new one. They’re just stupid. The amount of diffuses and everything. And obviously I can actually put on a bike, I’ll put all my car.

I can put individual parts on if I want to. I want to keep my stupid wing, but the same time I want the beak diffuser. So I change the exhaust. Oh, we’ll go for a big boy. Hey lights. You can smoke up and in the hubs. So majority of it I have to do through body kits. That’s the only thing you can’t. I guess the individual parts as such. So you can’t mix and match the body kits, which you can in the actual Nipper spook, I’m going to buy that foot. Thank you very much. Say kit, the best mobile game ever, ever, ever, ever, ever roof spoiler, even better. It’s got bloody roofs platelets and the carbon, one of that, and then wheels, which is one of the most difficult things to pick. Cause I. I genuinely don’t know, and I can’t see what they look like, but it might have been actually the right choice. I’m kind of impressed with those Cola is another thing to do. Window tint can actually do a colored with, which is rather nice. Indeed. Let’s go with the body paint. Oh yes. Oh yes. Get on me car. That’s more like it. And there you go. Add it to the collection of many cars, but that my friends is Need For Speed No limits, except there is a new limit because the game was going to be shut down probably eventually, which is kind of on the side. But I hope that with this video, Able to reconsider, which I highly doubt I won’t give you money.

I want the game, watch the outs, put some money into the game. If you want to game, we’ll see you another day and it will be thanks to the smooth machines of the pants. Let’s seriously, please keep the game running and be like that.

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