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Gold and money are things we care about the most in Need For Speed No Limits. Gold bars can be gained by levelling up your driver. Each level is usually 1 gold bar. That’s not much, especially considering every next level is harder to get. Can you speed it up somehow?

Is there a working Need For Speed No Limits hack for unlimited gold bars?

Gold bars are the most universal in game currency. You can pay with them when you can’t fuel up to start a race. You can also use them when you lack crowns for new parts. The gold is also the only currency that can be used to pay for part containers. Only gold can unlock additional reward cards in non-story races. So, we already know that gold in Need For Speed No Limits is precious. So the question is, how to get it fast and for free? NFS No Limits Hack might be of help, but you have to know which apps available on the net actually work, and which ones don’t. I decided to look through the Need For Speed No Limit Hack Apks available on the market and check which ones actually add gold and money to players’ accounts. My test is available at the end of this article, but before we get there, let’s focus on the second most important in-game currency, money. Getting money in NFS No Limits is a bit simpler, but also time consuming. You get money for races, time trials, and other things. Money is necessary for tuning your vehicles, and can be used to get more chances in draws (you can only get one free draw every 24h).

Can Need For Speed No Limits Cheats be used to add money to your account?

Need For Speed No Limits Hack (a working one, of course) is the only way to add money to your account. Gold bars can be bought in the EA store (sadly, they aren’t the cheapest). If you want to buy a sensible amount of gold bars, you have to prepare for spending a few dozen dollars. A working Need For Speed No Limits Hack might be a salvation here.

Lets get to the aforementioned test of available NFS No Limits Hacks.

I spent nearly 4 days on this, and sacrificed two accounts (they got banned). Luckily, out of over a dozen (I don’t remember exactly how many) tested Need For Speed No Limits unlimited money and gold apk free download apps, online services, generators, mods, etc. I found a few that actually work.

1. Need For Speed No Limits Hack iOS (from this website) – the creator says it was created for ios users, but I tested it on android and I managed to get both gold bars and money. I went for the lowest values, i.e. 1000 gold and 50 000 money. The items got added in 2-3 minutes. The account works as intended.

2. NFS No Limits MOD APK unlimited money and gold download (from this website) – the application can be downloaded, but it’s not needed. I used the online version (and I vouch for that one). I added gold, money, and unlimited fuel without any problems. The program also offers a function to unlock all cars. Sadly, that one doesn’t work. Anyhow, I recommend the other functions.

3. Complex NFS No limits Hack Apk (available through this website) – This app caused some problems, because eventually I got banned, though I think that’s because of how many items were added. I added as many as I could. Gold and money appeared on the account in seconds. Sadly, after going into the first race, my account was blocked. Would I get banned if I added smaller amounts? I don’t know, and I don’t want to check any more and risk another account.

Other applications and NFS No Limits Cheats did not work for me. Most of them simply refuse to launch or don’t add any items. With some of them, I was afraid to open them because of risk of viruses (I recommend online versions). The two first ones can be used as long as they work. I can’t recommend using the third one, even if it does offer the largest amounts of items (well, maybe if you’re not afraid to lose your account). If you know of any other working solutions, please share in the comments – I will gladly test it, and publish the results on this blog if it works.

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